Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Narrowband Treatments for Granuloma annulare

Hello everyone. I went back to my Dermatologist about my Granuloma annulare We discussed that the narrowband would be a good option. So, i have had 5 treatments so far. I'm up to 50 seconds i think. I see no difference yet but praying that my spots fade out and go away. I go twice a week and i have a follow up in December to see how i am doing. I will keep posting and letting you know if i see any changes or anything

Praying for a cure of this.


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Granuloma Annulare

Hello everyone, I started this blog because i want to talk to people with this horrible skin rash called Granuloma Annulare. I am at my wits end with my condition. I am 47 and i had this for 3 years and it has been spreading. I am trying to find anyone that can help me and others who have this.

I first noticed this back in 2009. I had a small reddish ring on the top of my right foot. My family doctor told me to go see a dermatologist which i did. By the time my appointment came around i had another reddish ring on my elbow. I would say the size of a dime maybe smaller. My dermatologist said ohh don't worry about it, it will go away on it's own.. no problem. Well here i am 3 years later and the spot on my elbow is as big as my arm. I have these reddish rings all over, shoulder, legs, arms, wrist, face, back, butt and today i noticed 2 spots on the side of my breast.

I changed dermatologist as insurance changed and went to this new guy.

My new dermatologist put me on all kinds of creams. Every time i had appointment he would prescribe me another cream. And nothing helps. So frustrating. I'm glad summer is soon ending because i wore jeans most of time to cover myself up as i am embarrassed. I had cortisone shots, went on antibiotics and nothing works.

I found an article of topiramate and Granuloma Annulare might have a link. I am on topiramate for seizures and migraine's. Very small dose of 50mg. I stopped the topiramate for week and still rash spreading because like i said i found two more spots on me today. If anyone else is on Topiramate and stopped and it cleared up, how long were you off before your rash GA cleared up? Ohh and i am on other meds for seizures so no worries people I'm under doctor care. We just wanted to see maybe if the topiramate and GA might be linked in my situation but I'm having my doubts.

I have a boat load of stuff wrong with me. But i don't have diabetes or a thyroid problem that i read online that this GA might be linked with. I was tested for everything and all tests normal.

I do have seizures, Trigeminal neuralgia, I had surgery for this but the attacks ( FACIAL PAIN THAT IS LIKE SUICIDAL PAIN FOR REAL ) came back a few years later after my surgery, migraine's, osteopenia, joint pains, and severe eye issues after a entropion surgery i had that didn't work out so good. Really that in itself is another story that i will post about later. I got blepharitis as well. Blepharitis i never was told i had that until after the entroption surgery so who knows? So my med list is big. I will post my med list soon.

I'm trying to figure this out. Maybe a doctor or us GA sufferer's can talk here and maybe figure this out. There has to be a cure for this. No one should have to walk around with this. A lot of people ask? Do you have ringworm? Yes it does look like it but no i don't have ringworm.

I also went to John Hopkins last month and he recommended the PUVA or narrow band light.
I go back to dermatologist in October to talk to him about the narrow band light, will update and let you know how i make out.

I'm very depressed about this. It's like great something else that i have with no cure.

Here are some pictures. My elbow is the worst,  i have like cyst under the skin. I know gross right ughh. The other spots are smaller, but they grow everyday. I really don't want to be covered all over like my elbow looks.

I will post more as i can't sit for too long in front of computer. Any thoughts, comments or doctor's out there willing to help me and others are welcomed.

Here are some pictures of what i look like now.

Thanks for your time..